A report on waste management

CalRecycle maintains archived information on its website as a record of its activities for use by the public and CalRecycle staff. CalRecycle's secure, online annual reporting system makes it easy for you to submit your annual report to CalRecycle. Each state agency and large facility must submit an annual report to CalRecycle summarizing its yearly progress in meeting the 50 percent waste diversion mandate.

A report on waste management

FAQs Waste management Around the world, waste generation rates are rising, posing a significant challenge to people and the environment. Businesses can play their part through a more effective and efficient use of materials which results in lower costs and less waste.

Our largest production site is located in Denmark, where the largest amount of waste is generated. We strive to reduce waste generation and continuously increase the amount of waste reused and recycled.

Our waste and packaging footprint We closely monitor waste from production.

We use an internal reporting system to understand what type of waste is being produced. As part of our Environmental Management system, waste projects are conducted at production sites.

We have implemented innovative solutions to waste issues, such as recycling ethanol and creating biogas from organic residues. Reducing waste from production In collaboration with partners, we are establishing a biogas plant near our insulin plant in Kalundborg, Denmark.

This biogas plant will use the fermentation slurry from our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API production to generate biogas, which will replace natural gas for our production at other locations.

A report on waste management

The plant will start production in We are also recycling waste from our pen production. The majority of waste from pen production is recycled and we are working to find solutions for the remaining part.

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Reducing waste from offices In Denmark, energy from food waste is recovered in biogas plants. The biogas is used as green fuel for homes and industries. At our global headquarters, waste is separated into paper, cardboard and electronic waste, and recycled. In our affiliates, we also do this to the extent possible considering the local waste sorting options.

Circular economy To reduce our environmental impact, we work with the principles of circular economy. We consider resource efficiency and ultimately zero waste as a way to promote innovation, reduce costs and minimise environmental impacts across our value chain.

The principles of circular economy help us adopt a life cycle approach in decision making, e. Engaging with our stakeholders We engage with stakeholders for example via the Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis, where by-products and resources energy, water and material streams are exchanged between other companies in the region.

A report on waste management

More information about the Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis can be found here. Performance We continue to monitor and report on the amount, types and disposal methods for waste from our production.

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The amount of waste has increased slightly from to due to increasing production. Overview Who we are Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.

This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat obesity, haemophilia, growth disorders and other serious chronic diseases. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 43, people in 79 countries and markets its products in more than countries.The Hazardous Waste Management Program regulates hazardous waste generation, transportation, storage, treatment, and disposal.

It has authority over facilities subject to EPA RCRA Subtitle C..

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Such activities are overseen by EPA Region 4. Hazardous waste is a relatively small waste stream (less than 4 % of total waste)23, but its proper management is crucial in order to prevent it from having a serious negative impact on the environment and human health.

Waste Management in Germany Brief. Waste Management in Germany industry profile offers broad overview information containing: market size (value and volume , and estimate to ).

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The report also offers details of the top players, including main business metrics and analysis of the competitive environment within the market. Waste management is both a local issue for the communities in which we live and operate, and a global issue when it comes to ocean plastics pollution.

As a global manufacturer, we have an important role to play in reducing our operational waste and contributing to the circular economy approach. Our responsible waste management strategy is key in this regard. The global food waste management market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period on account of surge in the amount of unwanted dump resulting from uneven production and consumption in restaurants, homes, marriages, and parties.

Criterion 3 - Public Awareness is an effective tool to educate public on waste management to enhance the quality of the environment.

Finding Public Awareness Public awareness on Waste Management (WM) of M-Dock Landfill is not in a suitable approach to.

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