Amok essays from an asian american perspective

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Amok essays from an asian american perspective

All cultures have some type of illness, disorder, or disease that is indigenous to that region.

However, we as human beings tend to look at illness and disease from an Ethnocentric point of view. As we have learned, thus far, some illnesses and diseases are the same, but labeled differently among different cultures.

Koro is an illness specific to China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. However, it is very rare among females of these regions.

This article gave an excellent example of how a man discovers he is infected with Koro. According to researchers who have studied this illness, if someone is around they can help the man hold onto his penis, even using a mechanical device such as cords, or clamps; to keep the penis from retracting.

With the Biological Approach, it is a hysteria that causes anxiety regarding fertility and procreation and sexual performance. This can also be related to Psychological Illness. From the cultural perspective, in China, a strong cultural emphasis on fertility and procreation is extremely important.

Koro is not just based on the culture itself, but rather the ideology and beliefs of that culture. Koro attacks usually occur in epidemics rather than striking on an individual basis. The way Koro is treated in the Western Culture here in the U. Also a diagnostic work up is done to find the underlying cause of GRS as well.

Amok essays from an asian american perspective

Sexual conflict is usually the main cause of Genital Retraction Syndrome in Western cultures. However, Psychotherapy is usually the first treatment option.

Amok essays from an asian american perspective

The treatment is tradition for the Chinese culture and is given based on cultural beliefs, such as praying to gods or having a Taoist priest perform an exorcism.

The patient is also given a yin or yang Chinese medicine potion. Lastly, they are put on therapy foods like pepper or ginger soup and liquor.Nascent groups like American Citizens for Justice and the Coalition Against Anti-Asian Violence demanded equal treatment of Asian-Americans both under the law and in society.

Emil Guillermo for Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective; With an Introduction by Ishmael Reed Frank Chin for The Chinaman Pacific & Frisco R.R.

Co. Helen Thomas for Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times. Apr 20,  · Authors from Asian-Pacific nations are writing off the American science fiction and fantasy tropes that depict primarily white, straight male protagonists in .

• Amok in Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand • Anorexia nervosa in the West (now spreading Asian Americans Very limited information available on Asian Ecological perspective on acculturation may clarify how acculturation relates to mental.

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Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective; With an Introduction by Ishmael Reed [Emil Guillermo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Journalist and commentator Emil Guillermo spares few of the racial stereotypes and ethnic eccentricities of Asian Americans in this collection of columns from the pages of Asian 5/5(1).

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