An argument in favor of legalizing same sex marriage as a recognized human right of all people in ta

The arguments for Posted Wed, November 28th, The Court is scheduled to consider ten petitions on that issue at its private Conference on Friday.

An argument in favor of legalizing same sex marriage as a recognized human right of all people in ta

Want to know what a "humungous champion" of lgbt rights he was? Even when it was more than just unpopular, it was downright controversial.

An argument in favor of legalizing same sex marriage as a recognized human right of all people in ta

I am happy to say that this past year, in Burlington, we have made some important progress by adopting an ordinance which prohibits discrimination in housing.

But the problem is, she only came out in support of marriage equality after it was not politically risky to do so. In fact, by - the year Clinton announced her full support for marriage equality - Democratic support for same-sex marriage was the norm, not the exception.

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On such an important moral issue that affects my life and the lives of thousands of other Americans, making decisions in this manner is rather despicable.

Additionally, Clinton's habit of doing what polls deem politically popular is the reason why so many voters find her inauthentic.

An argument in favor of legalizing same sex marriage as a recognized human right of all people in ta

Now, if Clinton were the only option for the Democratic presidential nomination, I would understand why we should support her despite these flaws. But she isn't the only option.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the longest-serving Independent in the history of Congress, is also running for the nomination. Sanders voted against DOMA, one of the few members of Congress to do so, at a time when such a stance was not politically popular.

Four years after DOMA passed, Sanders helped champion Vermont's decision in to become the first state to legalize same-sex civil unions. This set a national precedent for LGBT equality achieved via legislative means.


Inwhen Vermont became the first state to allow marriage equality through legislative action rather than a court ruling, Sanders expressed his support once again. Truly, Sanders has been a real leader on LGBT rights, even if this leadership isn't recognized in the way that Clinton's current support is.

Many politicians offered their words of support, including President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Yet it is important to remember that Obama and Clinton both opposed marriage equality as late as early It is a testament to the work of thousands of activists over decades that the political class was pulled towards supporting equality.

There is however one prominent politician who did not wait so long to call for full gay equality: I was ahead of the curve on gay rights Sen. He argued he was well ahead of the historic decision, unlike Hillary Clinton, his main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Senate voted in favor, before former President Bill Clinton signed it into law.

Sanders on Saturday praised Americans for creating greater opportunities for same-sex couples. But one Democratic candidate for president, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, was calling for many of these changes decades ago. These stances were far removed from public opinion at the time, according to Gallup surveys on marijuana and gay and lesbian rights.

Inthe earliest year of polling data, 43 percent of Americans said gay and lesbian relations between consenting adults should not be legal, while 43 percent said they should be legal. But it took decades for the American public to come around to majority support on these issues: It wasn't until that a majority of Americans supported marijuana legalization, the early s that most consistently responded in favor of legal gay and lesbian relations, and that a majority first reported backing same-sex marriage rights.

Sanders has carried many of these positions to this day. He was one of the few federal lawmakers to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal ban on same-sex marriages, in the s. And while he told Time's Jay Newton-Small in March that he has no current stance on marijuana legalization but backs medical marijuanahe characterized the war on drugs as costly and destructive.Talk:Same-sex marriage/Archive “My preference is that we do all we can to strengthen traditional marriages, and that the people engaged in parenting children be committed to one another and to the child.

We also have to be realistic and know there are others who can do a good job, as well, of raising children,” Mrs. For me, same-sex marriage is a thousand times more awesome than my first, opposite-sex marriage.

k Views · View 66 Upvoters Scott Welch, Everyone has a story you don't know. Jun 02,  · The legalization of same-sex marriage benefits both LGBT people and America as a nation. As two major Supreme Court decisions about same-sex marriage (Proposition 8 . A same-sex relationship differs far more markedly and yet many confused people are clamouring to use the same unqualified term as we historically use for a complementary/marriage type of relationship.

Same-sex marriage should be legalized in all states because equal rights should be given to all citizens, not just some. As stated previously, equality is a social value.

Social equality is a state at which all people in a given society share the same status in .

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