An introduction to the major defining characteristics of a civilization

Implicit in such refrains is that there exists a civilization called Western Civilization. Accepting that this is so, what then is the role or effect of economics, if any, in and on Western Civilization.

An introduction to the major defining characteristics of a civilization

The people of ancient China were free from external influence. They contributed for the growth of a civilization which was indigenous. The characteristics of this civilisation have been discussed below: The people of China developed their own system of writing.

At first, they drew small pictures on bamboo slips to express their idea.

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With the progress of time, further improvement was made on pictures. Now pictures expend the idea regarding an object like fruit, serpent, river etc. In the last stage of the improvement of the system of writing, the Chinese people took the help of sound to represent a picture or idea.

After memorising many symbols, it was possible to write.

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The Chinese writing was different. They wrote the symbols from top to bottom on thin bamboo slips and each slip was like a page of a book. At a point of time, the Chinese people used around 55, symbols. Around of such symbols are even used today in China.

The Chinese people first invented bamboo pens for writing. They wrote on bamboo plates by these pens. Later on they began to write on silk cloth by using brush and ink. The brush was made of camel-hair.

They prepared one type of coloured liquid and used it as ink. In this way, the Chinese people learnt to use pen and brush. The flame of fire coming in contact with earthen pot created black particles, at its back.

The Chinese collected these black particles and added gum and water with those black powder and prepared ink. This coloured liquid was kept in an ink pot. In the later stage, the Chinese people mingled such black powder, gum and water and prepared a mixture. They dried up this mixture by keeping it under sunshine.

When it became hard, it was broken into small pieces and preserved. Such small pieces were dropped in water. When these pieces dissolved fully, ink was prepared and used. They added flower perfume to the ink in order to make it fragrant. Thus, the Chinese people prepared ink in this process and preserved it in ink-pot.

An introduction to the major defining characteristics of a civilization

The Chinese people are the first inventor of modern paper. Necessity is the mother of invention. To write on bamboo plates and preserve them for a long time became difficult for the Chinese people.

They thought other way for making this process smooth. So, the Chinese pounded the barks of trees, rags, grass etc. Then they dried it under sun and prepared paper. Later on the Arabs learnt paper-making process from the Chinese people.

The people of ancient China had created a vast treasury of valuable literature. Although, Si-Whang-Ti had ordered for the destruction of ancient literature of China but he had also tried his level best to create new literature in China.

Among the ancient literature of China. The greatest poet of China was Li-Tai-Po who produced 30 epics. Another famous poet of China was Tu-Fu whose writings contained romantic ideas. In the First Century B.Taken together, the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China constituted nothing less than a revolutionary stage in the growth of human society.

Writing Above all, rulers, priests, merchants (businessmen), and artisans used writing to keep accurate records. The Defining Characteristics of Ancient Egypt Essay.

An introduction to the major defining characteristics of a civilization

As ancient civilisations began to be recovered by archaeologists and theories abounded - The Defining Characteristics of Ancient Egypt Essay introduction.

Vere Gordon Childe took the reins and wrote on his findings for about the last 40 old ages of his life. Ancient Egypt, for example, can be defined by three major elements: the effects of the first wars in Egypt, the hieroglyphics that define Egypt as a literary culture, and the parliamentary Egypt, that of Kingdoms, Empires, and City-States.

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The term civilization means the level of development at which people live together peacefully in communities. It is associated with high levels of political, social and economic organization. Ancient civilization refers to the first settled and stable communities that became the Reviews: 1.

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