As food technology coursework

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As food technology coursework

Having established an impressive career in Cuba, Natacha Porter found her qualifications weren't recognised in England. Modules The course has been developed to provide: A thorough understanding of the scientific principles on which both the safe handling of food and food control procedures are based An appreciation of the importance of the proper control of manufacture, storage and distribution, and the means by which it is achieved in the production and sale of safe food An understanding of the food industry's responsibilities to the interests and welfare of the consumer Opportunities to consider the social and economic contexts in which the industry operates An intellectually stimulating and coherent programme relevant to both your needs and those of the food industry A detailed understanding of the philosophy and methodology of research The best possible opportunity to develop personally and professionally The knowledge and skills necessary to enhance your career prospects.

Year 1 All modules are assessed through a mix of formal examination and coursework. Each module represents hours of learning As food technology coursework with up to 40 hours of class contact time.

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Food regulation and sustainability Food legislation is an essential element for an effective food safety and control. The module deals with legislative control at various levels, embracing national and European Union legislation and also international approaches to harmonisation.

It also provides an awareness of the different types of food standards, and their implications for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

It also addresses the policy issues in sustainable food production and management.

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Food composition and safety This module comprises of selected topics that are directly relevant to food safety and control. The common themes throughout the module are the choice of suitable, appropriate and cost effective analytical methodology, and the correct interpretation of analytical results.

Food microbiology and hygiene This module is designed to help you develop an understanding of food microbiology, to appreciate the principles of food microbiology and explore both microbial food spoilage and food borne microorganisms.

As food technology coursework

You'll be able to critically analyse the means by which food can be processed safely from a microbiological standpoint, and the methodology that is applied to achieve this.

Quality of product or service does not just happen; it has to be planned and managed. Systems used by small as well as large companies are covered.

Food product development management This module examines the management processes involved in the design and development of new safe food products.

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Students work together in small groups and adopt an allocated role within the group. The groups respond to a product development brief by designing and developing a new food product or an extension of an existing product. Food control operations This module outlines the rationale, philosophy and concepts of modern food control, introducing the precautionary principle, the scope ranging from 'farm to fork', and the requirement of risk assessment.

The principles of control based on prevention rather than detection and self-regulation are underlined throughout. Modern tools, techniques and procedures in food control are also introduced, illustrating the scope, applications and potential benefits of effective food control. You'll learn how to draw up specifications, identify safety hazards, conduct risk assessments, determine product shelf life, apply the commonly used statistical quality control techniques as well as use basic sensory evaluation methods.Electrical Line Worker Technology.

Get the training you need for employment in the electric power industry, either with rural electric or . Our GCSE Food provision is changing. A new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition qualification has been developed for first teaching in September To find out more visit our new qualification page below.

GCSE - Food Preparation and Nutrition () - J (from ) The great thing about this. The course. The variety of food and drink available to us is continually increasing in its quality, diversity, and interest.

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This course will help you develop the skills to be at the heart of the food development process adding value to a complex and exciting food . The Master of Science in Food Safety Regulation is designed to provide students with an understanding of the legal and regulatory complexities of food production, labeling, and distribution.

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