Case study starbucks social responsibility

One interesting thing about the culture of Starbucks is that they originally succeeded thanks to an amazing culture, than sadly went off the path, as many of us Starbucks junkies have experienced over the last couple of years.

Case study starbucks social responsibility

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Today the company dominates the industry and has created a brand that is tantamount with loyalty, integrity and proven longevity. Starbucks is not just a name, but a culture.

It is obvious that Starbucks and their CEO Howard Shultz are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility. Every company has problems they can work on and improve in and so does Starbucks. As of recent, Starbucks has done a great job showing their employees how important they are to the company.

Along with committing to every employee, they have gone to great lengths to improve the environment for everyone. Ethical and unethical behavior is always a hot topic for the media, and Starbucks has to be careful with the decisions they make and how they affect their public persona.

The corporate social responsibility of the Starbucks Corporation address the following issues: Starbucks commitment to the environment, Starbucks commitment to the employees, Starbucks commitment to consumers, discussions of ethical and unethical business behavior, and Starbucks commitment and response to shareholders.

Commitment to the Environment The first way Starbucks has shown corporate social responsibility is through their commitment to the environment. What this means is that Starbucks will aim to only buy percent responsibly grown and traded coffee.


Not only does responsibly grown coffee help the environment, it benefits the farmers as well. Responsibly grown coffee means preserving energy and water at the farms.

In turn, this costs more for the company overall, but the environmental improvements are worth it. Starbucks and the environment benefits from this decision because it helps continue to portray a clean image.

Their first attempt to produce a green store was in Manhattan. Starbucks made that decision to renovate a 15 year old store. This renovation included replacing old equipment with more energy efficient ones.

To educate the community, they placed plaques throughout the store explaining their new green elements and how they work. LEED improves performance regarding energy savings, water efficiency, and emission reduction.

According to Starbucks, going green over time outweighs the upfront cost by a long shot. Hopefully, these new design elements will help the environment and get Starbucks ahead of their market.

Corporate Social Responsibility |Starbucks Mission Statement | Starbucks Coffee Company

Commitment to Consumers The second way Starbucks has shown corporate social responsibility is through their commitment to consumers. The best way to get the customers what they want is to understand their demographic groups.

By doing research on Starbucks consumer demographics, they realized that people with disabilities are very important. The company is trying to turn stores into a more adequate environment for customers with disabilities.

A few changes include: By joining the National Business Disability Council, Starbucks gains access to resumes of people with disabilities. Another way Starbucks has shown commitment to the consumers is by cutting costs and retaining loyal customers.

For frequent, loyal customers, Starbucks decided to provide a loyalty card. Once a customer has obtained this card, they are given incentives and promotions for continuing to frequent their stores. Promotions include discounted drinks and free flavor shots to repeat visitors.

Also, with the economy being at an all time low, Starbucks realized that cheaper prices were a necessity.

Starbucks Coffee’s Stakeholders: A CSR Analysis - Panmore Institute

By simplifying their business practices, they were able to provide lower prices for their customers. For example, they use only one recipe for banana bread, rather than eleven!

Case study starbucks social responsibility

Starbucks recognized that health is part of social responsibility. For example, the skinny vanilla latte has 90 calories compared to the original with calories. Along with the snacks and beverages, nutrition facts were available for each item.

Also one big way to cut costs was outsourcing payroll and Human Resources administration. By creating a global platform for their administration system, Starbucks is able to provide more employees with benefits. Plus, they are able to spend more money on pleasing customers, rather than on a benefits system.Starbucks is effective in its corporate social responsibility efforts, although more effort is needed with regard to the stakeholder group of coffee farmers, as well as the issues of .

Mar 28,  · Starbucks Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength Introduction. Starbucks Coffee Company was founded in in Seattle and has operations in more than 50 countries of the world with more than stores/5(K). The Starbucks Mission Statement reflects the values of corporate social responsibility.

Learn about our contribution to communities like yours. The Starbucks Mission Statement reflects the values of corporate social responsibility. Learn about our contribution to communities like yours.  Starbucks’ Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength I. Statement of the Problem In today’s business world, stakeholders have become adept at holding companies to account for the social consequences of their activities and rank based on the performance of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This solution studies Starbucks and how they handle ethics and social responsibility for marketing their coffee, and the company as a whole.

It compares Starbucks to other companies in .

Corporate Social Responsibility |Starbucks Mission Statement | Starbucks Coffee Company