Cat in the hat writing paper

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Cat in the hat writing paper

Clever classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines. Oct 12, One of the things that children in Victoria, Australia are taught in their first year of Primary School, is writing between the lines in order to develop their handwriting.

Despite the fact that it may seem handwriting is on the decline, thankfully it is still taught to our children. A little trick I used in my classroom to help children learning to write in dotted-thirds was, "Clever Cat.

His head sits on top, occupying the second gap up between the dotted lines and his tail dangles below the solid line, extending to the first dotted line below.

Clever Cat works as a fun visual aid to assist children in remembering where letters should sit between the lines and their sizing. When we write out all the lower-case letters, we can see that they all sit in Clever Cat's body space. Some also sit in his head space and some in his tail space.

In the script we use in Victoria, our lower-case "f"'s sit in all 3 spaces. We end up referring to the letters as "body letters," "head letters" and "tail letters" once we are familiar with the concept. All of our upper case letters sit in the body and head space. They are usually easier for children to write than the lower-case letters.

We would draw and discuss Clever Cat when we did handwriting together as a class on the board, and then when children were writing in their hand-writing books, they or I would draw a Clever Cat at the start of their writing for them to use as a visual aid. With my daughter aged 5 now in her first year at school, I get to visit her classroom frequently.

One day I was in there and suddenly saw a tin, full of Clever Cats drawn on craft sticks popsicle sticks. Why didn't I ever think of it? I love that not only is this Clever Cat version a good visual aid for the children, it is something that they can hold and manipulate as well.

Clever Cat on a stick can move along the page with children as they write, to assist in keeping their writing between the right parts of the lines. Clever Cat can also be used as a spacer between words. After seeing the craft stick version of Clever Cat, I made one at home and gave it to my daughter the next time she did some writing.

How to use Clever Cat - Start by introducing the concept of "Clever Cat" to your children and discussing what each body part represents and how Clever Cat can help us.

Cat in the hat writing paper

Can they get his body sitting right on the solid line and up to the first dotted line? Have the children identify and write all the lower-case letters that: Only sit in Clever Cat's body space ie. Take up Clever Cat's body and head spaces ie. Take up Clever Cat's body and tail space ie.

Take up the space between Clever Cat's head to tail f Are a little bit different ie.

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They may also include i and j with the added dots Please note that handwriting and the style of lettering differs from state to state and country to country. Here in Victoria we use the Victorian Cursive script - Depending on their control and fine motor skills, you may want to draw Clever Cat on the craft stick for your children.

You don't need to tell the children, first see if they can tell you. As they get older and their control gets better, children start using lined paper with the dotted-thirds closer together, forcing them to write smaller.

Maddie aged 5 uses a "24mm Thirds Ruled" writing book at home. Buy them where you would buy school stationery eg. More fun ways for children to practice letter formation and writing:Striped Hat caninariojana.comble hat shape with stripes.

Wear it by attaching to a sentence strip, or use for shape book, listing words, etc. Striped Hat Pattern. Return to the main page. Buy the book "Cats Who Quilt." Buy your cat the "Certificate of Membership in the League of Cat Quilters." Make your cat very happy.

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Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning about the nervous system and brain with hands on activities, experiments and information.

“Ideally, the first materials used are not markers and pencils but materials that allow children to strengthen the muscles in their hands needed to properly hold writing implements," says Mara Guckian, early childhood specialist and managing editor for Teacher Created Resources.

Cheap and Easy Cat Crafts kids can make. Great cat crafts for library programs and preschools. Cat crafts using paper, paper plates, boxes, and socks.

Oct 24,  · A sheet material used for writing on or printing on (or as a non-waterproof container), usually made by draining cellulose fibres from a suspension in water.

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