Characteristics of my future husband

In the book of Mark, a blind man had his friends take him to Jesus to be healed for his eyesight. We had to be specific. It also gives you heightened discernment in dating situations.

Characteristics of my future husband

It was amazing, and I would be thrilled to do more of these. One of my favorite questions was this: What characteristics should I look for in a future husband?

And if you think for a moment I am making such a list up, I assure you I am not. I am a single woman with single friends. Yes, even I have one of those lists. Have you ever played that? You scour a picture of the crowd looking for a little dude in a red and white striped hat and shirt.

One person, out of a million, and Mr. Amazing could walk right by you, but because Mr. If we love Him enough, and delight ourselves in Him, one day our future husband will show up and he will be absolutely everything on the list.

Plenty of good men are left behind in the wake of women who are diligently searching out the Prince who is everything on their list.

How do I know? Because anything physical is temporary. He may be athletic and play guitar, but three months after our wedding, he gets in a wreck and is paralyzed from the waist down. The answer to those questions defines the kind of characteristics you should be looking for in a husband.

They are your preferences. Are blue eyes really a deal breaker?

Sep 30,  · A while back, I brainstormed a list of 20 different ways I could pray for my future husband. Today, I’m sharing that list with you. Yay! First off, though, If you don’t know These are the personal characteristics that we would like our future husbands to have. Dec 27,  · In the present day, my parents are still praying for my future husband and now I think, “Wow. I am blessed to have parents who care so much about me and the life ahead of me that, they have spent 19+ years praying for the man that they will one day give me away to”. I’m curious what some of your qualities that you want and need in a future husband are!” This is a great idea to be praying and thinking about the qualities you admire or desire, but it is important to not idolize or be consumed with the idea of a husband or mate.

The other things might be hopes, and wishes, and I think there is room for those. If you really really want to have kids and he absolutely cannot stand children to the point that even adoption or babysitting nieces and nephews is out of the question, then you might need to reconsider the relationship.

If this is a hostage negotiation, the only one being held hostage by your demands is you. Know that some of your desires are just that- desires- and they will fade, wrinkle, and they themselves will change over time.

I would encourage you to hold them loosely. Remember, we humans can get caught up in the outside appearances, but God looks at the heart 1 Samuel My perfect future husband or wife A popular saying goes, "Marriage involves three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering." If it is commonly felt that marriage is so difficult, why do most people wish to get married?


Physical Appearance (Looks), Relationship, Personality, Spouse/Partner (Husband or Wife) Astrology This world is vast and no one have similar face exactly except twins. Then how can astrology defined someone looks and personality, it is very difficult to predict exactly about the look of the spouse/partner (Husband or Wife) of the native.

My favorite clothes and jewelry are hand-picked by my husband. I don’t think that this has to be a requirement of a successful relationship—but it sure doesn’t hurt either. I don’t think that this has to be a requirement of a successful relationship—but it sure doesn’t hurt either.

Characteristics of my future husband

Dear Future Husband, Where are you? I’ve waited a long time for you to appear. Most of my friends have already found love, but I’m still waiting for you.

Abuse Checklists: Below is a self-assessment quiz to help you determine if you are being abused. You may be suffering abuse even if you answer, “Yes” to only a few questions. A good friend of mine recently gave me a book about future spouses. After each chapter there is a nice little guide to writing your own letter to your future husband/wife.

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