Checkpoint social change and modernization

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Checkpoint social change and modernization

Modernization and Social Change in India Article shared by: Modernization and Social Change in India!

Checkpoint social change and modernization

Our objective in the present article is to examine social change in India with the ideological perspective of modernization. India has witnessed massive changes in the field of social stratification.

Checkpoint social change and modernization

Admittedly, there have come changes in the caste system but there has also emerged class system which cuts across caste, religion and region. In the wake of modernization and globalization, the processes of social mobility, the nature of demographic changes and increase in urbanization and industrialization have brought significant changes in Indian society.

We have substantial material on changes in rural and urban communities. There have come vast changes in the fields of new professions, banking, management, media and information and several other sectors of service. Changes in Indian society are massive indeed. But what is the direction of this massive change.

On the strength of material generated by sociologists and anthropologists it could be stated that much has been said about caste, family, kin and village and the changes occurring in these fields of social life.

What has been tried by sociologists is to evaluate social change from the vantage point of tradition. If the traditions witness change, it is social change. Sometimes breakdown of or deviation from traditions is analyzed as disintegration. And, therefore, sociologists have much talked about the breakdown of caste system or joint family.

Checkpoint Social Change And Modernization

The stress, therefore, is on the breaking up of traditions. The policies of the Indian nation-state and its constitution revolve round making India a modern nation. It means we have adopted modernization as our goal.

It is also expected that our categorical values would provide us continuity as a nation. It should also be clear that national social structure should aim to attain secularism, democracy, rationality and equal relations between people as a mark of modernity.

Interestingly enough, in this context, our pioneer sociologists have constructed conceptual frameworks which are only cultural and which focus on caste and particularly Brahmanic values. The weaker sections have largely been marginalized.

What is worse, the so-called pioneers along with the eminent contemporary sociologists have devoted the whole of their lives in building up these concepts and enjoyed the status of eminence. They delivered only that much which is expected from structural-functional method.Modernization is the process of social change begun by industrialization.

The key features of Modernization are a decline in small, cohesive communities where each person had a defined place, usually identified by kinship.

Sociology CheckPoint: Social Change and Modernization

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Introduction. Social Change and Modernization SOC 08/09/10 Social change is the transformation of culture and social institutions over time and is the result of invention, discovery, social conflict, and cultural diffusions. CheckPoint: Social Change and Modernization · Resources: Ch. 16 of Society · Compose a to word response to the following: Define social change.

What are the key features of social change? Provide four examples of social movements, current or past, and describe the key features of each movement.

Define modernization.

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