Criminal justice trends essay

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Criminal justice trends essay

Crime So in this paper I will focus on evaluate a few areas that have to deal with the past, present and future trends of law enforcement. I will also sum things up and discuss the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will likely have on law enforcement, courts and corrections.

The community worrying about being violated was the least of their concerns because they knew that the law was on their side and watching everything that was going Criminal justice trends essay.

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One way in particular that made the community feel safe had to do with the fact that that law enforcement agents would walk, stop, and talk to the people in the community Criminal justice trends essay get to know them by name and take advantage of the conversation on how they could serve them better.

Simply put the community knew the police and the police knew the community. So with that being said a relationship was able to be formed to make the community and the police one because each party wanted the same thing which was to see that justice is upheld.

Law enforcement also relied on the community to be its eyes and ears and help them to solve a crime that had taken place and which the community had no problem doing. However moving onto the present time of law enforcement and the birth of technology becoming more prominent the intimate care given towards the community started to go down to the point where the community no longer trust the police and the police no longer knew how to connect back to the community anymore.

With that being said this brings us to the present trends of policing and the birth of technology and how law enforcement has lost its connection that it once had with the community.

The birth of technology has helped law enforcement a great deal because it has help to speed up criminal proceedings and also has helped to eliminate wasted man hours to actually find the guy or woman that has committed the crime in question.

However on the other hand the birth of technology has stripped away the very core that has made law enforcement trust worthy which was its ability to connect with the community. Law enforcement have also gotten better at communicating with one another with the use of 2 way radios to ensure that criminals are apprehended quicker and with using qualitative research to get the right criminal the first time around.

The reason why is because with progression there is always improvements made on things that were done wrong.


For instance law enforcement losing touch with the community in present day will be something that I believe would be primarily focus on to get back because stopping and preventing crime is a team effort and law enforcement cannot do it on its own.

Even with all the technology in the world nothing can take the place of interaction and receiving information from someone that has actually saw the crime being committed. Surveillance tapes can catch the person in action but they do tend to miss the little details that can bring a criminal to justice much quicker then somebody seeing the crime taking place and reporting it.

This is why I feel that for the future law enforcement would engage in getting back to its roots and trying to regain that trust that they one had from the community so that they can work hand and hand together to see that crime is cut down to a minimal or cut down for good.

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This impact will most likely happen in the form of according to the National Center for State Courts the budget getting out of control and the government having to use its efforts to bail it out. The reason why is because with times changing law enforcement, courts and corrections are going to have to constantly stay ahead and have the technology that they need to keep the crime at its lowest and with that happening managing the funds will be hard to do.

Crime is not going to stop because law enforcement does not have them money to keep up its going to actually get worse and thrive off of it In conclusion there are many ways to look at the change that has occurred when it comes to policing because in some areas it could be for good where and other areas it could be bad.

The reason why is because the past, present and future trends of policing will and continue to be very different from one another. The reason why is because the days are long gone as to where police officers walked up and down community blocks talking to individuals and getting to know them, understand them and overall building their trust.

Criminal justice trends essay

To where know everything is fast paced and police officers are riding in cars and using radios and talking on phones due to the growth of technology. In it can even be said that with the growth of technology that it destroyed the police and community relationship.

However with the future of things fast approaching it can also be said that with that relationship lost that it can be gained again because even though technology took it away technology can help make things right because with the growth of it crimes will be able to be solved much more quicker and give the police officer more time to make things right with the community that they had neglected.

However one thing in particular that will never change and never go away is the value that police officers hold in the community and in society because without them there would be total madness because there would be no order and no one to enforce the laws to maintain such order that society needs to have to function.Contact Information eLearning.

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Criminal Justice Trends Paper Essay Example for Free

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So in this paper I will focus on evaluate a few areas that have to deal with the past, present and future trends of law enforcement. I will also sum things up and discuss the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will likely have on law enforcement, courts and corrections.

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