Effects of spanish colonization of aztecs

What factors motivated the Spain to colonize their landholdings? Spain was in the heyday of its power.

Effects of spanish colonization of aztecs

Vilcabamba — — Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro make first contact with Inca Empire at Tumbesthe northernmost Inca stronghold along the coast c. Death sets off a civil war between his sons: Manco rebels and surrounds Cuzco. The Inca do not stop their revolt. The Neo-Inca capital of Vilcabamba is abandoned; the Spanish remove inhabitants and relocate them to the newly established Christian town of San Francisco de la Victoria de Vilcabamba.

Historians are unsure of whether a united Inca Empire could have defeated the Spanish in the long term due to factors such as the high mortality from disease and its related social disruption, and the superior military technology of the conquistadors, who possessed horses, dogs, metal armor, swords, cannons, and Effects of spanish colonization of aztecs, but effective, firearms.

After a period of diplomatic posturing and jockeying for position, open warfare broke out. However, Atahualpa quickly escaped and returned to Quitu.

Effects of Colonization for the Aztecs Essay Sample

There, he was able to amass what is estimated to be at least 30, soldiers. Atahualpa sent his forces south under the command of two of his leading generals, Challcuchima and Quisquiswho won an uninterrupted series of victories that soon brought them to the very gates of Cuzco. The victorious generals sent word north by chasqui messenger to Atahualpa, who had moved south from Quitu to the royal resort springs outside Cajamarca.

The messenger arrived with news of the final victory on the same day that Pizarro and his small band of adventurers, together with some indigenous allies, descended from the Andes into the town of Cajamarca. They had left the then impoverished Extremaduralike many migrants after them. Choose, each man, what best becomes a brave Castilian.

Unknown to Pizarro, as he was lobbying for permission to mount an expedition, his proposed enemy was being devastated by the diseases brought to the American continents during earlier Spanish contacts.

When Pizarro arrived in Peru inhe found it vastly different from when he had been there just five years before. Amid the ruins of the city of Tumbes, he tried to piece together the situation before him. From two young local boys whom he had taught how to speak Spanish in order to translate for him, Pizarro learned of the civil war and of the disease that was destroying the Inca Empire.

The Indians described Pizarro's men to the Inca. They said that capito was tall with a full beard and was completely wrapped in clothing.

The Indians described the men's swords and how they killed sheep with them. The men did not eat human flesh, but rather sheep, lamb, duck, pigeons, and deer, and cooked the meat. Atahualpa was fearful of what the white men were capable of.

If they were runa quicachac or "destroyers of peoples," then he should flee. If they were viracocha cuna runa allichac or "gods who are benefactors of the people," then he should not flee, but welcome them.

After traveling with the Spanish, Cinquinchara returned to Atahualpa; they discussed whether or not the Spanish men were gods. Cinquinchara decided they were men because he saw them eat, drink, dress, and have relations with women. He saw them produce no miracles.

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Cinquinchara informed Atahualpa that they were small in number, about — men, and had bound the Indian captives with "iron ropes". When Atahualpa asked what to do about the strangers, Cinquinchara said that they should be killed because they were evil thieves who took whatever they wanted, and were supai cuna or "devils".

He recommended trapping the men inside of their sleeping quarters and burning them to death. Pizarro sent his captain Hernando de Soto to invite Atahualpa to a meeting.

Soto rode to meet Atahualpa on his horse, an animal that Atahualpa had never seen before.

Effects of spanish colonization of aztecs

With one of his young interpreters, Soto read a prepared speech to Atahualpa telling him that they had come as servants of God to teach them the truth about God's word. He replied with what he had heard from his scouts, saying that Pizarro and his men were killing and enslaving countless numbers on the coast.

Pizarro denied the report and Atahualpa, with limited information, reluctantly let the matter go.

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At the end of their meeting, the men agreed to meet the next day at Cajamarca. Pizarro and his men reached that city on 15 November Transcript of Cause and Effect of the Spanish Colonization-WHERE-The Aztec Empire is present day Mexico.-HOW- Hernan Cortes was a spanish conquistador that conquered the Aztec empire in Conquistador- a soldier who led military expeditions in the Americas.

Essay #1: Spanish Colonization and Destruction of the Aztecs The Spanish influence in the Americas negatively impacted the Aztec empire and other natives of the Americas until Spanish conquistadors ultimately conquered the native people.

Other Essays Like Effects of Colonization for the Aztecs Analyse the Effects of Fluctuations on the Aud for the Australian Economy words - 4 pages decrease in . The effect the Spanish had on the Aztec Empire is a mixed lot. Historians often disagree on the impact, both positive and negative, that the Spanish had on Aztec civilization.

Under the leadership of Hernan Cortes in , the Aztec Empire was destroyed. The Aztecs were a primitive people who. Effects of colonisation of the Spanish, for the Aztec society. The impacts and effects of Spanish colonisation. What was the impact of Spanish colonisation on Aztec Society?

When the Spanish came to colonise Mexico, they changed the way Aztec society thought and acted. The Spaniards converted a large portion of Aztec citizens into Christians.

The Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire was one of the most important campaigns in the Spanish colonization of the caninariojana.com years of preliminary exploration and military skirmishes, Spanish soldiers under conquistador Francisco Pizarro, his brothers, and their native allies captured the Sapa Inca Atahualpa in the Battle of caninariojana.com was the first step in a long campaign that.

Effects of spanish colonization of aztecs
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