Funny business writing mistakes to avoid

There has been debate in recent years concerning whether or not creating a formal business plan is really helpful. In our opinion, it is never a bad idea to go through the process of presenting your business on paper.

Funny business writing mistakes to avoid

You should take special care that your writing is effective in persuading your clientele, rather than driving your client to reject your business proposal. You should also ensure that the tone in which you are writing your business proposal is on a similar level to its proposed reader.

You should neither be too formal, nor become too patronizing with the reader. Most importantly, you should avoid common stylistic and grammatical mistakes such as those illustrated in memos, letters and reports.

You should avoid the following seven major mistakes while indulging in business writing. Do not use long sentences and paragraphs An Italian proverb puts across this fact very well: Use necessary business jargonbut do not overload your writing with adjectives.

funny business writing mistakes to avoid

Always keep in mind that the client may not have the same vocabulary as you do. Instead of impressing them with complex terminology, the actual impact might be quite the opposite.

It is the substance, rather than the superficial style that counts.

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Do not use inconsistent tenses In case you have to change tenses, do it for a reason. Using the present tense is not bad at all, and using the past tense is not always impressive. An abrupt change in tenses is not pleasing to the eyeand the client can form a very poor opinion about you.

You are out there to promote your business, so always keep that in mind. Never be sarcastic Avoid sentences with puns and double meanings read some funny puns here. Though they may sound witty in your daily life, I am sure your clients will not be interested in sarcasm when you are stating facts.

funny business writing mistakes to avoid

So avoid it like the plague. Keep the above tips in mind when you want to write in business, and you will surely have better correspondence with your clientele!

A little time and effort spent preparing your business draft can do your business a world of good.Given that I work for HotDocs Corporation, a software company that enables organizations to eliminate proofreading mistakes by automating the generation of complex legal documentation, I decided to compile my own top-ten list of funny proofreading screw-ups.

Articles / 10 More Business Writing Mistakes to Avoid / 10 More Business Writing Mistakes to Avoid Social media is now a vital component in the marketing strategy of . And if you’re consistently missing the mark and letting incorrect word choice, poor writing, or bad grammar slip through, it’s reflecting on your professionalism and it’s damaging your credibility.

It could even be stalling your career! The following are common ‘sins’ many writers commit. Be sure your writing is clear of them. 1. Mar 18,  · The Top 5 Business Writing Mistakes.

Here's how to avoid some common mistakes as you move from face-to-face and phone conversation to almost exclusively written communication. Social media marketing may seem pretty easy, but the truth is – it’s harder than you think!

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