Management and business model

Business modeling has become standard repertoire for start-up entrepreneurs, for example to transition into a scale-up.

Management and business model

Roles[ edit ] There are many facets to this profession, including managing the accounts and finances of the real estate properties, and participating in or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies.

Litigation is at times considered a separate function, set aside for trained attorneys. Therefore, it is a necessity that a property manager be current with applicable municipal, county, state and Federal Fair Housing laws and practices.

Australia[ edit ] Every state of Australia has different licensing and compliance requirements. Generally, to be able to provide property management services, a real estate licence is required. State of Victoria Australia information.

Each Province and Territory makes its own laws on these matters. In most cases any person or company can offer property management services, and there are licensing requirements.


In some cities, the Provincial Legislation is supplemented by City by-laws. The Real Estate Council of British Columbia is a regulatory agency established by the provincial government in Its mandate is to protect the public interest by enforcing the licensing and licensee conduct requirements of the Real Estate Services Act.

The Council is responsible for licensing individuals and brokerages engaged in real estate sales, rental and strata property management. The Council also enforces entry qualifications, investigates complaints against licensees and imposes disciplinary sanctions under the Act.

The Council is responsible for ensuring that the interests of consumers who use the services of real estate licensees are adequately protected against wrongful actions by the licensees. A wrongful action may be deliberate or may be the consequence of inadequate exercise of reasonable judgment by a licensee in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

The Council is responsible for determining what is appropriate education in real estate matters for individuals seeking to be licensed as real estate practitioners and arranging for licensing courses and examinations as part of the qualification requirement for licensing.

Ontario — no licensing is required to operate, however ACMO — the Association of Condo Managers of Ontario is a self-governing body for certification and designation of its members who run buildings with more than units. The provincial government is revising its condominium act.

After public consultation, it hopes to put forth legislation during the — session requiring Condo Management firms and staff or condo employees and boards to be accredited. Saskatchewan and Alberta both require property managers to hold a real estate license.

India[ edit ] In India, there is no statutory regulation of property management companies, real estate agents or developers. The bill seeks to set up 3 regulatory bodies in the country. The Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill was passed by the Union Cabinet in early and this is expected to bring about a sea change in the management of real estate in India.

New Zealand[ edit ] Commercial Property Management leasing agents in New Zealand are required to have a real estate agents licence and operate and audited trust bank account. Commercial leases are covered by the Property Law Act Residential property management in New Zealand is an unlicensed and unregulated industry.

Property managers in New Zealand do not require any registration, minimum knowledge or skill. The New Zealand Government reviewed whether all forms of property management need any legislation.

Member Agents are supposed to adhere to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand property management code of practice [4] which according to the REAA outlines industry best practices for dealing with the public.

Management and business model

Critics state the Real Estate Agents Authority complaint committee as having less scope or jurisdiction for adverse judgement against negligent Property Management licences as they would otherwise to those in "real estate agency work", [5] unsatisfactory property management conduct cases can receive findings of "no further action" as opposed to "unsatisfactory conduct" [6] due to "conduct unrelated to estate agency work".

The Unit Titles Act sets out the law for the ownership and management of unit title developments, where multiple owners each hold a unit title. The Act covers the set-up of such developments, body corporate governance, the rights and obligations of the body corporate and unit owners, disclosure between buyers and sellers, dispute resolution etc.

The Unit Titles Regulations provide operational guidelines. The body corporate is responsible for financial and administrative functions relating to the common property and the development.

All unit owners are members of the body corporate. A body corporate can delegate some of its powers and duties to a body corporate committee and a professional body corporate manager may be contracted to provide services.

However, management companies are generally formed to manage multi-unit developments, and must then follow the general rules of company law in terms of ownership and administration.

Sorry! Something went wrong! June 5th, In the last 15 years, the research interest in business models has grown exponentially, leading to an international community of business model scholars.

Since Julyit has become mandatory for all property service providers, including property management companies, to be registered and fully licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority of Ireland. The NCA does not have a legislative or regulatory function in the area, unless a consumer complaint is in relation to a breach of consumer law.

Romania[ edit ] No specific regulatory or licensing body exists at this time November Building a strategic plan or engaging in strategic planning can make a difference, particularly when it has a long-term focus and is used as a management tool, rather than simply being an exercise in forms completion.

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