Project report on online shopping

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Project report on online shopping

Online Shopping System Online Shopping System helps in buying of goods, products and services online by choosing the listed products from website E-Commerce site. The proposed system helps in building a website to buy, sell products or goods online using internet connection.

Purchasing of goods online, user can choose different products based on categoriesonline paymentsdelivery services and hence covering the disadvantages of the existing system and making the buying easier and helping the vendors to reach wider market.

In day to day life, we will need to buy lots of goods or products from a shop. It may be food items, electronic items, house hold items etc etc. Now a days, it is really hard to get some time to go out and get them by ourselves due to busy life style or lots of works.

In order to solve this, B2C E-Commerce websites have been started. Using these websites, we can buy goods or products online just by visiting the website and ordering the item online by making payments online. This existing system of buying goods has several disadvantages.

It requires lots of time to travel to the particular shop to buy the goods. Since everyone is leading busy life now a days, time means a lot to everyone. Also there are expenses for travelling from house to shop. In order to overcome these, we have e-commerce solution, i.

Online Shopping System Project Abstract.

Php project On Online Shopping Store Download Source Code With Database mysql And Documents.

Widget is loading commentsOnline Shopping System project synopsis. 1. Reports generated can be saved for future references. Inventory reports for the vendor/seller on daily, monthly, yearly basis. 6. Future scope of the Project: Most generic consumer to consumer e-commerce website,which covers almost all possible categories,with 2 level listing.

Project Report On Online Shopping System Future scope and further enhancement of the project: Today, the market place is flooded with several Online Shopping System options for/5(28).

The Online Shopping System Project Report has been divided into two modules as:Purchase module:They can find cars easily category or by word. Online Shopping System project synopsis.

Project report on online shopping

1. Title of the Project: Online Shopping System. 2. Objective of the Project: The system helps in buying of goods, products and services online by choosing the listed products from website(E-Commerce site). Online Shopping System project report,online free project download-portal.

Online Mobile Shopping Project Report. The features that can be included in online mobile shopping application are as follows: Customer database management system: The information of the customers doing the online mobile shopping must be maintained in a well organized way.

Online Shopping System project report