Research proposal on mobile banking

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Research proposal on mobile banking

Business practices in Kenya have gone through many changesthe most important being the introduction of Information communication technology ICT. The mobile phones have being a key ICT product that has affected business practices. This study will also helps us understand how the introduction of these services can create more jobs in Kenya.

While the results of our study are not absolute, they give an indication of what is possible with the appropriate regulatory framework and governmental support. A global telecommunications operator like Safaricom has a unique role to play in the development and expansion of mobile financial services.

We hope that through a better under- standing of how these services can affect the world, the tele-communications industry can contribute to the prosperity and economic prowess of the nations in which it operate.

MFSs have the power to create opportunities for the rural poor by increasing financial security and reducing the cost of transactions. Mobile financial services also leads to: Kenya has already shown great progress in regulating mobile financial services by allowing financial institutions to engage with different types of agents and acknowledging the mobile operator as a type of agent.

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Pakistan has prioritized consumer protection in its regulations, suggesting customer awareness programs and holding banks liable for any fraudulent behavior of its agents.

The regulatory challenge remains to improve flexibility. One potential barrier is that the policies covering anti-money laundering and the prevention of financing terrorism currently apply to banks only, and have not yet been customized for mobile financial services or branchless banking activities.

Limits on transaction amounts can also present a hurdle for widespread adoption of mobile financial services, as a reduced transaction amount can lessen the appeal for customers.

However, poverty is not limited to the rural areas. Many urban workers are equally at risk, as a significant number of these individuals live off of low wages. The urban poor typically take advantage of informal means of financing, such as borrowing from friends and relatives or seeking help from illegal moneylenders.

These informal methods of acquiring money could be alleviated through loans that are remitted directly via mobile financial services. Mobile financial services can also stimulate female empowerment in Kenya. This study will be quantitative in nature. It also discusses the effect of process, product and technological development on delivery of the mobile banking service.

This study seeks to help quantify the profitability of mobile banking in Kenya. It discusses the basic motive of banks to adopt M-banking services which has been facilitated by increased competition in the market and the need to provide more and better service delivery to customers.

The results show that e-banking has increased the profitability of banks; it has enabled the banks to meet their costs and earn profits even in the short span of time. For banks, the main motive to introduce mobile banking is to increase their clientele, to retain their customers, reduce costs and make profits.

The research was conducted through a survey design and secondary data from financial statements of seven banks in Kenya.Abstract—Mobile banking has marked itself as an emerging technology adopted by banks around the globe.

The purpose of this research is to identify the key factors of mobile technology adoption which influence customer satisfaction in Pakistan. Feb 25,  · Research Proposal and Proposal Review Part 1: Research Proposal The Research Proposal is a formal paper in which the learner is given the opportunity to propose a research study to investigate a relevant health care topic of interest.

You do not need to carry out the study. Research. Video Library; Subscribe now. Sen.

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Gillibrand’s Half-Baked Plan on USPS Payday Lending. is Gillibrand’s proposal a good idea?

Research proposal on mobile banking

Well, no. Or, yes. It’s exactly half of a good idea. We have mobile banking. We have ATMs.

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We have IVRs. Come on. Moreover I can point to many instances in which a student outlined a research proposal based on what I would regard as an erroneous episte- mological position. interpretivism. regardless of the stated or imputed epistemological position of the researcher(s).

differentiating between various positions such as positivism. Mobile Banking. Core banking -- Mobile financial services -- Part 4: Mobile payments-to-persons ISO/TS provides comprehensive requirements and recommendations, as well as specific use cases for implementation of interoperable mobile payments-to-persons.

kyambogo university title: analysis of the effects of mobile banking on the activities of commercial banks a case study of ecobank wandegeya branch by kajubi michael 10/u//bee/pe a research proposal submitted to the head of department of economics and statistics in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics.

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