Road construction work zone safety

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Road construction work zone safety

In the past ten years, there have been 35 fatal occupational injuries at road construction sites throughout the state of New York.

Last year alone there were seven.

Traffic Fatalities

This past spring, New York legislators proposed a new Work Zone Safety Bill which would significantly increase fines and other penalties for motorists when infractions occur within an active work zone.

Drivers often fail to slow down as much as they should — or are instructed — within work zones. That means they may not be paying attention to their own driving, let alone keeping an eye on you or the heavy equipment moving around them.

You have to look out for yourself. Here are some of those key safety tips: Study the job site safety plan. Work zones also have a traffic control plan that defines specifically where vehicles can travel, where pedestrians can and cannot go and locations of barriers or other overt traffic control devices.

Before you step onto the job site, memorize that plan. And be aware that sometimes the plan changes.

Road construction work zone safety

Be easy to see. In addition to worrying about motorists, remember equipment operators have blind spots and their attention is focused on the work at hand. Wear your safety apparel everywhere you to around the job site.

Stay away from moving equipment unless you need to be there. Be extra vigilant at night. Dusk and darkness reduce visibility for everyone, which increases risk of accidents and injuries. Glare from headlights and work site illumination can make the situation worse, as can poor weather conditions.

On top of all that, motorists may be tired or stressed, and they may be confused by temporary traffic detours through the work zone. Good lighting is a must, and wearing your reflective safety apparel becomes even more critical. Know the safety and traffic plans, be visible and keep safety top of mind as you work.The Road Zipper System ® is designed to accelerate construction, improve traffic flow and safeguard work crews and motorists by positively separating the work area and traffic.

Our Mission is Safety.

Construction Equipment Visibility

The National Safety Council eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

Interwest has provided high quality traffic safety equipment and signs to the government and highway construction industry for over forty years! Our five regional warehouses handle anything from Highway signing and safety products to crash cushions and traffic monitoring equipment.

Work Zone Safety for Drivers. Download Version PDF [ KB] This brochure provides information to drivers on work zone safety.

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Creating Safer Work Zones: Improving Operations on Both Sides of the Barrel Facts. During the past 5 years in work zone crashes more than: Road work is just ahead. Be prepared for unusual driving conditions. Work Zone Safety Keep Your Crew Safe with NSC Training.

Managing vehicle traffic is one of the most important – and dangerous – operations while working on the road. Library of Resources to Improve Roadway Work Zone Safety for All Roadway Users.

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