The conflict between the perception of good and evil in dr horribles sing along blog

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The conflict between the perception of good and evil in dr horribles sing along blog

Beati immaculate in via: That you love one another, as I have loved you, says the Lord. Blessed are the undefiled in the way: The traditional number of participants with the priest is twelve, and the rubrics are specific that they be men in Latin, viri selecti.

Since most liturgical functions of the laity are open to both men and women, the significance of this restriction is lost on the general Catholic public.

While this position appears worthy of merit, it could be sufficiently challenged, given developments in liturgical law following the Second Vatican Council. We should be reminded at the offset that the sanctuary, or presbyterium, as the place of presiding, was traditionally limited to men.

Since a typical parish church did not have the benefit of a complement of minor clerics, men and boys of the parish would act as legitimate surrogates.

The conflict between the perception of good and evil in dr horribles sing along blog

Some can still remember when a layman would be pressed into service at a Missa Solemnis as a "straw subdeacon. It is only by legitimate indulgence in certain parts of the world including nearly all of North Americathat women perform liturgical functions -- reader, acolyte, and so on -- within the sanctuary.

These indults were not instituted all at once, but at one time or another, in the last few decades of official liturgical reform. What some defenders of the current directive fail to recognize, is that the connection to the ministerial priesthood was the traditional justification for all liturgical functions being restricted to men.

This even applied officially to choristers untiland ushers until By the way, how often do we see female ushers at parishes which use altar girls?

The only significant exception that has not been made, is a practice that occurs only once a year, on Holy Thursday. As to why the current practice of washing only the feet of men is still recognized as proper, the reasons vary. One is the perception that a change would be one more reinforcement of "caving in" to those who violate liturgical directives in Catholic worship.

This sends the wrong message to those who endeavor to be compliant, whatever the discomfort. There is also a matter of propriety. Depending on the setting, even the age of the priest, it may be considered inappropriate for a man to wash the feet of a woman with whom he is not on sufficiently familiar terms, let alone in public.

Again, the sensibilities of those assembled may vary from one region to another, even one parish to another. They should really see more of the world, or at least watch the National Geographic Channel. Meanwhile, some parishes apparently feel the need to prove something to everybody, and will substitute the men-only foot washing with a Washing of Hands amidst the entire assembly.

If symbols are to have any enduring power, their meaning must be inherent, as opposed to being subject to whatever spin their manipulators the staple of most parish liturgy committees wish to impose on them.

Or have we forgotten what happened to the Emperor who listened to his tailor, at the expense of his own good judgment? Aside from whether we are to assume, that the original premise for the footwashing in our tradition is intended to remind us of the institution of the priesthood and there is evidence to doubt thatit is best to follow the correct discipline of the Church in this matter.

Even in our politically correct day and age, we have not entirely evolved beyond the separation of roles for male and female, and not just for setting preferences in the lifeboat. We are also obliged to set an example for ourselves and others.

If I am a pastor who can play fast and loose with how the rules apply to me, how can I expect others to listen to me? Who determines what rules are okay to break or not to break? It is also a reason for doing good and avoiding evil, which means setting a proper example.

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The conflict between the perception of good and evil in dr horribles sing along blog

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