The effectiveness of personal responsibility

Written by Mitch McCrimmon What is personal effectiveness? How about making best use of our time and all other personal resources at our disposal? This means achieving our goals efficiently, like investment, getting the best possible return. Personally effective people are thus more than just people who get what they want.

The effectiveness of personal responsibility

What choices are available to me? What is my ultimate goal, and what actions will lead me there? What are the possible consequences for these multiple choices?

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What do I value when making a decision? What is my ethical framework? How did I acquire this ethical framework? Why do I think some things are right and some things are wrong?

What are other frameworks? Why do I elect to keep with my selected ethical framework? Personal responsibility is not only taking the initiative to make a decision, but accepting the consequences of that decision. Additionally, personal responsibility recognizes that decisions are not made in a vacuum.

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We come to conclusions based on our own understanding of right and wrong and who should benefit most from our choices. These frameworks are often informed by our families, our cultures, our friends, our age, and our lived experiences which can include education and faith.

Beyond making choices, we also want to be able to understand why we make the choices we do. Only in that moment of understanding are we taking full personal responsibility for our actions. On the job as in life, we must make decisions and be held accountable for those decisions.

The effectiveness of personal responsibility

Employers need people who can look at multiple options, make wise choices, and accept the consequences of those choices. Companies can also have ethical frameworks built into institutional culture or company ethos. A failure to recognize these early on may lead to you working for the wrong company, a company that does not share your values.

Similarly, communities need people that can make an informed decision, take responsibility for the consequences, and be self-aware of their own ethical framework so they can understand their decision and anticipate future decisions.

Additionally, our decision-making process will sometimes change as we gain more life experience or move from one community to another.

If we are not aware of who we are, we will not be aware of how we are changing. The rubric tries to identify five characteristics of personally responsible people: Below are some of our recent reports that explain how we are doing as an institution.for Personal and.

Social Responsibility. Findings from a National Research Collaborative. By Nancy O’Neill Educating Students for Personal. and Social Responsibility. an initiative of. Promising Practices. for Personal and.

Social Responsibility. Findings from a National Research Collaborative. By Nancy O’Neill. Cultivating.

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Personal Accountability Larry Cole, Ph.D. Michael Cole, Ph.D. Byrd Baggett, CSP. The CEO exclaimed, "I wish my people would accept responsibility for their behaviors and mistakes rather than finger pointing." Unfortunately, finger pointing seems to be the rule .

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Personal Responsibility was described as a foundation or pillar for each of the 7 aspects of Gumption. The analogy of a pair of shoes was used to compare how personal responsibility supports Gump tion just as Forrest Gump’s sneakers supported him when he .

model was an effective teaching instrument that helped teachers to structure classes and promoted the learning of responsibility behavior by the students.

A significant increase was observed in the self-regulatory efficacy of intervention group participants. The implications of this study are discussed. Building self-confidence and personal effectiveness is a gradual process of building on past successes, taking stock of where you are and moving onto bigger things.

Don't worry if you don't have a long term goal. The Effectiveness of Personal Responsibility Even though the bare minimum is enough to get by, exercising personal responsibility has proven to make me more successful. Personal responsibility ranges from being at the right place at the right time, to taking ownership and accepting the consequences for all actions.

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